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Keiron Howe
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Keiron Howe 

Therapeutic Counsellor

About me...

I started out by becoming a volunteer crisis counsellor for a charity called SHOUT. Here, I found my passion for helping others and wanted to pursue this as a career, so I began my journey and worked up to becoming a qualified therapeutic counsellor. 

While at SHOUT, I have supported people struggling with their mental health from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, trauma, grief, LGBTQ+ issues and many more.

I have also worked in a children's home as a Therapeutic Practitioner, supporting teens who have been through trauma or sexual abuse, aiding them with their mental health, challenging behaviours or self-harm. I also secured a placement throughout my training with a leading charity (Mind) to develop my skills further. Hence, I understand people from all walks of life and soon began working for them too. 

I have undergone many additional certifications that highlight the care I would like to show my clients and have also completed a first aid course and mental health first aid course; these additional CPD certificates include: 


•   Bullying and cyberbullying 

•   Domestic abuse 

•   Eating disorders 

•   Emotional abuse

•   Mental health, dementia and learning disability awareness 

•   Physical abuse

•   Safeguarding children and adults’ levels 1&2 

•   Self-harm 

•   Sexual abuse 

•   Unconscious bias 

•   Autism Awareness


Feedback from my supervisors at SHOUT includes: 


“Keiron has such a lovely gentle way about him and shows such compassion and empathy in his counselling which really helps them to open up. “ 


“Keiron is such an amazing counselling volunteer. He is always so warm and empathetic while keeping a focus on risk and safety. We are so very lucky to have him on our team!”

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), which means I comply with their Ethical Framework. This is to ensure my safe practice when supporting you as a client. I also have a full DBS check, which is on The Disclosure and Barring Service portal. I am insured to practice, and have all of this in place for your peace of mind.

Person-centred therapy, or client-centred counselling, is a humanistic strategy that focuses on how people view themselves consciously, as opposed to how a counsellor can understand their unconscious thoughts or ideas.

In this method, I will try to comprehend the experience of you as a client from your point of view. I will strive to be honest and open while valuing you as the client as a person in all facets of their humanity. This is crucial in making you feel accepted and improving your capacity for self-understanding. This approach will assist you in rediscovering your values and sense of worth, empowering you to determine your own path to progress, and what that might look like for you.


In the end, the person-centred approach believes that people have a natural tendency to grow to their full potential. However, some life experiences, especially those that alter our sense of value, might obstruct or distort this potential, so my job is to help support you through this.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a widely recognised and effective form of psychotherapy that focuses on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It aims to help individuals identify and challenge negative or irrational thoughts and replace them with more realistic and positive ones. CBT operates under the belief that our thoughts influence our emotions, which in turn impact our actions.


The core principles of CBT involve understanding how our thoughts shape our perception of events and situations. By examining these thought patterns, I can assist you in recognising distorted thinking or cognitive biases that contribute to negative emotions such as anxiety or depression. The aim is to reframe your thinking by replacing negative thoughts with more rational ones.

Ultimately, I am here to work alongside you and create a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment. 

Integrative Approach 



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